Door Access Systems

Unlocking opportunities with door access solutions

Our keyless access solutions are designed for flexibility, tailored precisely to your unique needs. Whether it's a care home, co-working space, finance sector, healthcare, holiday properties, insurance companies, local authority, offices, commercial properties, property management, schools, or small offices, our cutting-edge design and technology are suited for various building sizes and sector requirements.

Care Homes

Access comfort and safety in care homes & assisted living

In care homes and assisted living, a harmonious blend of security, accessibility, and privacy is crucial. Residents, visitors, nursing staff, and service providers all require seamless access. Our keyless access control systems offer the ideal solution, ensuring everyone moves freely while respecting residents' privacy

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Co-Working Space

Maximising security in collaborative environments

The ever-evolving landscape of work has led to co-working spaces becoming the new norm, accommodating freelancers, flexible schedules, and remote teams. While modern workspaces offer immense benefits, managing access to shared buildings while fostering a secure and collaborative environment poses unique challenges.

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Finance Sector

Fortify security and elevate efficiency with electronic locking

In the finance industry, security is non-negotiable. SimonsVoss offers keyless access control solutions that not only meet but exceed the stringent security requirements of financial institutions. Protect sensitive data, manage access seamlessly, and ensure the safety of your premises round the clock.

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Preserving health, ensuring security with electronic door access systems for healthcare

In healthcare, every second counts. SimonsVoss empowers healthcare facilities with keyless access control solutions, ensuring swift, secure access to critical areas while upholding the highest standards of patient care and data security.

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Holiday Properties

Unlock the freedom of modern getaways and stress-free property management

Discover a new era in holiday property management. Our keyless entry systems offer seamless access control for property owners and guests, enhancing security and convenience while embracing the true spirit of vacation. Enjoy peace of mind, one keyless entry at a time.


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Insurance Companies

Unlocking security solutions for sensitive data

In the dynamic world of insurance, data protection is paramount. Our keyless access control systems offer a seamless solution to manage sensitive information securely. With customisable access rights for diverse departments, ensure that your valuable data remains in the right hands, every time. Trust us to safeguard your insurance business, 24/7.

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Local Authority

Empowering efficient governance with electronic locking systems

Local authorities face complex security challenges, from safeguarding sensitive records to managing diverse access needs. Our keyless access solutions streamline security and ensure only authorised personnel access restricted areas. Take control of your governance with an intelligent, digital access system that enhances safety, convenience, and cost-efficiency. 

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Offices & Commercial Properties

Elevating security for business

Our advanced commercial access control system ensures your workspace is safe and efficient. From sensitive data protection to flexible access management, we have your security needs covered. Experience convenience, cost-efficiency, and top-tier security in one comprehensive solution. Explore the future of business security with us.

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Property Management

Effortless property management with building access control systems

Managing multiple properties comes with its challenges, and security should never be one of them. Our cutting-edge building access control systems empower property managers with seamless control. Say goodbye to traditional keys and hello to convenience, cost-effectiveness, and top-tier security.

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Schools & Education

Securing education to unlocking potential

Our school access control systems provide a robust shield, ensuring that students, staff, and valuable assets are protected. Seamlessly manage entry permissions, monitor access, and enhance safety, all while embracing the future of educational security. 

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Small Offices

Seamless security for small offices

Elevate your small office with our office door entry systems, streamlining access control without compromising safety. Say goodbye to traditional keys and hello to efficiency. Unlock a new era of office security that fits your space and pace. 

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