Digital Cylinder Locks

Future-proof your security with superior quality, German-engineered digital locking cylinders.

The Digital Cylinder AX is the most powerful locking cylinder in the SimonsVoss range.  An ergonomic yet compact thumb-turn with optical and audible signals makes operation easier. We have also given priority to high-quality materials. This ensures that the AX Cylinder is robust and durable with very low operating costs at all times.  

The AX Digital Cylinder represents state-of-the-art technology today. Yet it also contains the future. This is because it is equipped ready for technological advances and has the technical potential for future innovations.

Advantages of our Digital Cylinder AX

  • Can be integrated into existing system (backward-compatible with existing SimonsVoss products)
  • Extremely fast, uncomplicated installation. No wiring or drilling. New locking mechanism with no special tools required for installation
  • Flexibel thanks to modular design
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)-Technology
  • Greater ease of use thanks to visual and audible feedback signals
  • Very long battery life: up to 12 years on stand-by
  • Encapsulated actuator electronics with integrated SecureElement, protected in the cylinder core
  • Core and profile drilling protection are integrated in the standard version and protect against external attacks.
  • Protected against the intrusion from dust and water up to protection class IP67
  • Two-stage warning system (visual/audible) when battery power runs low. 

Generation AX. The most powerful cylinder we have ever created.

Our digital cylinder variants in brief:


▶ Double thumb-turn cylinder AX Comfort


The inner side of the cylinder is permanently engaged for use. 
This means that doors can be opened from this particular side without a transponder/SmartCard. Is often used in office, apartment entrance or building entrance doors.





▶ Double thumb-turn cylinder AX freely rotating


The cylinder which freely rotates on both sides is suitable for connecting doors or garden gates, for example. A transponder or smart card is required to open and lock the door on both sides.





▶ Double thumb-turn cylinder AX anti-panic


Specially developed for use in anti-panic locks such as those along escape and rescue routes. It is freely rotating on both sides, so that the lock can be locked and unlocked from both sides using an authorised locking medium. The door can be opened without a credential in a panic situation.




▶ Half cylinder AX


Half cylinders are suitable for doors which can be locked or can only be accessed from one side, although they can also be used in key switches and cabinets.





▶ Other cylinder profiles available: 


  • Swiss Round




  • Scandinavian Oval


System 3060 | Digital Cylinder AX | Location
System 3060 | Digital Cylinder AX | Location

You can find out more about our new AX digital cylinder here: