Commercial Access Control Systems

Manage your locking System with ease using the USB programming device

Simplify access control management with our compact USB Programming Device. The device acts as an interface between your software, cylinders, and credentials for effortless locking system creation, component programming, and access authorisation management. It's compatible with a range of Internet-capable devices, including PCs, notebooks, netbooks, and tablets with Windows, iOS, or Android operating systems.

Advantages of the USB programming device: 

  • For all Internet-capable end devices such as PCs, notebooks, netbooks or tablets with Windows, iOS or Android operating system
  • No time-consuming backups are necessary
  • Intuitive operation
  • Network-ready with online extension

Automatically transfer all data to your locking components via USB. 

▶ USB programming device


The programming device allows you to transfer data to your transponders and locking components. The connection is made to a PC via a USB port.




System 3060 | Digital Cylinder AX | Location
Digitales Vorhängeschloss AX

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