PIN code keypads – open door locks with numerical codes  

Our PIN code keypads can be installed without any wiring and can be operated up to 50,000 times before the batteries need to be replaced. With user-configurable numeric codes, you can authorise accredited users based on rules that you define as you require. It takes just a few clicks of the mouse to block compromised PINs and change access authorisations. 

You can also combine all identification media with one another with our extended PIN code terminal. Existing transponders are normally used, particularly in large building units. However, some areas require additional protection. The PIN code keypad can be used in combination with a card in such cases.

Advantages of our PIN code keypads: 

  • Battery life: up to 50,000 activations or up to five years on stand-by
  • 2-level battery warning system
  • Manipulation alarm
  • Cable-free surface mount
  • Freely programmable
  • Numeric code can be blocked with a click of the mouse

The future of security. Open doors digitally with a PIN code.  

▶ PIN code keypad


You can fit the extremely flat, elegant PIN code keypad indoors or outdoors with no wiring required. It can be surface-mounted, also onto glass when required. You can open your doors by entering a 4- to 8-digit code on the keypad, which you can configure freely and change at any time. Save time and costs by issuing a special code for the entrance door for events such as seminars and evening meetings. Honoured with the IF Product Design Award, the exceptional digital PIN code terminal functions reliably within a temperature range between - 25 °C and + 65 °C.




Pincode-Tastatur zum Öffnen von Türschlössern mit Zahlencode
System 3060 | Digital Cylinder AX | Location
Digitales Vorhängeschloss AX

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