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Smart solutions for the finance sector 

Security is paramount, especially in finance. Banks impose exceptionally strict security requirements on locking systems and access controls. Many customers come and go during opening hours, but security is also an important issue outside these times.

Sensitive customer data must be protected, different groups of people require access authorisations at different times and there are individual authorisations for each person. Financial institutions also usually have a wide network of branches with a central administrative unit. An intelligent, digital system solution creates security, convenience and cost efficiency for such organisations.

The all-inclusive solution: System 3060



  • Separation of customer and employee areas
  • Networking of individual branches
  • Access authorisation for certain rooms for authorised employees only

These requirements and activity in different areas show that there is a great deal which needs controlling. Besides customers and employees, there are also external service employees such as cleaning staff.


Another aspect to consider: not only is door security important. It is also essential to control other authorisations – be it for access barriers or cabinets with sensitive data.

The solution:

System 3060 is the right solution for all the requirements that banks and financial institutions impose on a modern locking system.

  • Access control with simultaneously automated documentation
  • Quality assurance through automatic event logging and automatic processes
  • Active security thanks to mapping of restricted access areas (e.g. safe deposit boxes, vaults)
  • Passive security by deterring theft and abuse
  • Low costs thanks to sustainability, durability, minimal power consumption, upward and downward compatibility, connection to third-party systems and more

Security in financial institutions


No more worry about lost keys


  • The facility manager creates a replacement transponder
  • The employee picks it up
  • The lost transponder is automatically disabled when the replacement transponder is used in the locking system for the first time


  • Granting of access rights for incoming vehicles and underground garages at a simple press of the mouse
  • Opening of barriers: Access for employees, external employees and visitors
  • Combination with existing ticket systems possible

Main and side entrances


  • Programmable system over the network or online from anywhere in the world  
  • Automatic opening of main entrances for everyone
  • Individual access rights thanks to authorised identification medium, even outside opening hours

Protection against burglary


  • Restricted access areas always securely locked
  • No more high costs and security issues if a key is lost or stolen
  • Lost identification media can be deactivated and reprogrammed within a few seconds

Door with door monitoring


  • Cable-free online door monitoring for sensitive rooms
  • Records, logs and reports all door statuses using sensor control to detect whether doors are open, closed, locked or open too long
  • Alerts security personnel to critical events

Safety cabinets


  • Protection of sensitive data
  • Digital locks for installation in hinged door cabinets, office cabinets, drawers 
  • All locking transactions are logged

Facility Management​​​​​​

  • Central set-up and management of all System 3060 components with Locking System Management software
  • Even if there are a number of buildings and locations
  • Support for facility management thanks to comprehensive reporting and time-controlled authorisations



  • Personalised access rights for individual floors and departments
  • Determining who can access each floor

Entrance hall with protective function​​​​​​


  • Central activation of protective functions (e.g. emergency release, gunman attack function)
  • Release of doors in the event of a fire alarm/emergency call
  • Deactivation of all locking devices

Networking: online or virtuall


  • Online network:
    Changes to access rights and functions performed in real time from anywhere in the world
  • Virtual network:
    Programming and modifying access rights via gateways to identification media on site


Our checklist shows you options for using digital locking technology in the financial sector.


Which areas need to be secured?  
Which people need access?  
How can management be assisted?  
What requirements does the software need to meet?  
How should people identify themselves?  
What vehicle access types and functions are there?  

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Sparkasse Ingolstadt:
secured investment.

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Some 200 employees and hundreds of customers enter the Sparkasse Ingolstadt savings bank on a daily basis. Unauthorised entrance is prohibited and System 3060 with access control ensures that this is the case.

Flexible access solution.
Sparkasse Ingolstadt has enhanced flexibility in its access management with System 3060 to help protect its main office and two subsidiary buildings in Ingolstadt city centre. The genius of this system is that doors, gates, lifts, barriers, furniture and underground car parks can all be opened using a single medium.
Automatic inheritance of access rights offers a further advantage: when an employee receives authorisation for their office door, they automatically receive authorisation for all doors they need to use along the route leading to their office. It takes little more than a click of the mouse to allow them passage from the main entrance right to their office. System administrators can very easily respond to changes at any time, whether they need to issue, extend or disable access authorisations.

LBS Baden-Württemberg:
a home for the future.

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German savings bank LBS never leaves anything to chance, not even security at its Karlsruhe and Stuttgart locations. The bank is setting standards with System 3060 from SimonsVoss.

Security with own four walls.
Digital locking cylinders have been fitted for some 800 users in the two buildings that the bank owns plus eight leased buildings. All exterior doors and key interior areas, such as data and archive rooms, Human Resources and storage rooms, have been retrofit with the system. This solution clearly regulates who may enter each specific area and when. As a general rule, only selected users such as executive management have access to highly sensitive areas.
As LBS takes a very hierarchical, restrictive approach to access right allocation, the SimonsVoss management software makes work far easier for the system administrators. Requirements can be conveniently changed on a PC at any time. Administrators can also obtain specific access readings since each access is logged and can be traced at any time where necessary.

Sparkasse Gera-Greiz:
security pays off

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Savings bank Sparkasse Gera-Greiz employs some 550 employees in a total of 45 branches and other retail locations. This bank uses a full SimonsVoss System 3060 digital locking system with access control.

Innovation pays off too.
Due to steady growth, the bank started to see an increase in key losses. Handling security became increasingly more complex and security suffered as a result. We were able to help out with the digital System 3060. This solution allows the main office to control access rights for all 45 retail locations centrally online. Users can be assigned to specific groups and each user can also be issued personalised access rights. All employees have access to certain rooms while very few can enter sensitive areas.
Clear rules are not only established to stipulate which rooms each person may enter, but also when and for how long. Cleaning staff only have authorisation for a specific time period, for example. The System 3060 WaveNet wireless network not only allows administrators to perform all programming and maintenance tasks centrally, but also query the current status of the whole network, including locking device and door statuses, access lists and battery warnings.