Smart Locking Systems

Intelligent locking system software that keeps you secure, and in control. 

Digital Locking and Access Control System 3060 consists of a series of intelligent components. Locking System Management (LSM) is the powerful software for setting up, operating and managing an entire locking system. You can use it to issue and manage identification media, manage locking cylinder, and read SmartHandles, SmartRelays and optional access lists.

Select the most suitable edition according to your requirements. You can upgrade to a more powerful edition if you need more functions at a later stage.

Advantages of our high-performance locking system management software: 


  • You simply click on the matrix screen to launch all central dialogues
  • There are step-by-step wizards or a simple, one-click solution for standard tasks, such as creating a new ID medium or configuring a new door.
  • Import of existing door and persons lists


  • Mapping of building and organizational structures in the software
  • Logging of changes (audit-compliant)
  • Multi-user and multi-client capable
  • Network capable
  • There is an option to upgrade from one edition to a more capable one

Set up and manage your locking system with Locking System Management.

Software editions in brief:


▶ LSM Basic Edition


For simple locking plan management of small and medium-sized systems: 

  • Local installation of the software and data on one computer
  • Without network management
  • Simultaneous use of transponder and SmartCard possible
  • Data exchange with mobile devices

▶ LSM Basic Online Edition


Like LSM Basic plus additional functions:

  • Networking of locking devices
  • More functions, such as reports and logs (audit-proof)


▶ LSM Business Edition


Multi-user and multi-client administration software for large systems: 

  • Decentralized system management (server-client installation)
  • Integrated reporting
  • Unlimited number of networked components
  • Online functions, e. g. event management / alarm functions

▶ LSM Professional Edition


Like LSM Business Edition plus additional features:

  • Use of several databases on the server
  • Operation in a terminal server environment

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