Wireless Network

Explore wireless network solutions for seamless networking and limitless options

Discover the freedom of flexible networking with our wireless solutions. Whether you prefer offline, virtual, or online connections, System 3060 empowers you to create the perfect network for your locking components. No wiring hassles, just smooth integration via an integrated LockNode. 

Mix and match networking levels to suit your needs, from main entrances to server rooms. Harness the power of 868 MHz frequency band communication and bring hardware and software together effortlessly with our WaveNet radio network.

Advantages of our wireless network: 

  • All locking components can be networked without any wiring. However, they can also be connected via an existing Ethernet cable or other data lines (RS485)
  • All locking components can be networked directly via an integrated LockNode, which can also be retrofitted
  • Depending on the requirements, several levels of networking are available: offline, virtual, online
  • All three networking levels (offline, virtual, online) can be combined in a single system. The main entrances can be virtually networked, for example, with the laboratory and server room online, but general office doors not networked.
  • Existing building cable networks can also be used for networking
  • Data is transmitted via the 868 MHz frequency band

 Bringing hardware and software together with networking.

WaveNet radio network


Radio network for connecting digital locking cylinders, SmartHandles and SmartRelays to a central computer. Data is transmitted via the 868 MHz frequency band. Other transfer media are also available. These are: USB or RS232 for connecting to a central PC, RS485 for cable-based backbones; LAN and WLAN for integration into existing building networks. The different transfer media can be interlinked with one another in virtually any way using corresponding router nodes.




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