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Frequently Asked Questions                                                                                                                               

How much digital knowledge does digital locking technology require in practice?

SimonsVoss stands for the connection of screwdriver and  laptop. Our demands in terms of user-friendliness and simplicity of the system components are very high. This applies, for example, to the design of the LSM software used to manage the locking system(s). In order to prepare users for the optimum use of digital locking technology, we also offer training courses at our training centre in Unterföhring. In addition, our colleagues from sales, service and support are always available to answer questions. 

How secure is my data in a digital locking system?

You read and hear again and again that digital locking systems, e. g. in hotels, are "cracked" or "hacked". SimonsVoss relies on the highest possible security standards, including SEM (Secure Element Inside) and an extensive server structure to prevent any external interference. 

Is a SimonsVoss system compatible, e. g. with my existing time recording system?

Yes, SimonsVoss systems can be used flexibly - even if existing digital systems are already in place. Please contact our colleagues who can help you with all questions concerning SmartIntego integration solutions.

How do I find out which system fits my needs?

Please contact a licensed SimonsVoss dealer near you. You can search for this conveniently by using the Dealer Finder.

How much digital do I need?

SimonsVoss systems offer various possibilities from full networking to virtual networks. Please contact a licensed SimonsVoss dealer near you. You can use the Dealer Finder to find the dealer you are looking for to discuss your individual needs.

Where can digital cylinders be used everywhere?

There are almost no limits to the installation - please have a look at the variety of possible applications on our industry and product overview.

How complex is the installation of a digital locking system?

No drilling, no dirt, no cabling - easy and fast. The design of the digital locking cylinders is designed for fast, trouble-free installation. With its various construction lengths, it can be used universally and fits practically anywhere. This applies to each of the many different product variants. Retrofitting new, intelligent functions is also a matter of minutes.

How and by whom is the installation carried out?

Please contact a licensed SimonsVoss dealer near you. You can search for this conveniently by using the Dealer Finder.

What happens if a digital identification medium is lost (transponder / Smart Card)?

In contrast to a mechanical locking system, in the event of the loss of a digital identification medium, this can be blocked in the system in real time and replaced by a new transponder or a new Smart Card. There are no costs for the installation, dismantling or conversion of locking systems or the replacement of a master key.

What about investment security?

SimonsVoss stands for upward and downward compatibility, i. e. you can operate the latest locking cylinders with a first-generation transponder. All components are compatible. Now and in the future.

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Our SimonsVoss promise

Ludger Voss, Managing Director of Technology and Bernhard Sommer, Chairman of the Executive Board

More than 20 years ago, we paved the way for digital locking technology. Since then, we have pursued a clear goal with our systems: intelligent security. With an unwavering demand for high quality, reliability and innovation. And with the claim to find a sustainable answer to every individual security requirement, our customers find all investment security.

We have everything that goes with it:

  • Well thought-out, modular locking systems and a very broad product portfolio
  • System components that have unlimited up and down compatibility
  • Low-maintenance technology that functions simply and sustainably
  • A support service that is always competent, friendly and very fast on site

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