Mobile Key

The most intelligent way to lock and unlock - kept in the most convenient place. 

The innovation specially developed for SMEs gives you access to the very latest state of the art in locking technology. The MobileKey system replaces the good old key with a digital transponder, a PIN code keypad or your smart phone.

If technology truly inspires, then there's usually more to it. 
MobileKey® inspires across the board.

State-of-the-art remote control key

Conventional keys are a thing of the past in the MobileKey system. Open your doors with merely a transponder, a PIN code keypad or your smart phone.

Locking and more

Time schedules let you decide who has access, where and when. You can see on your computer who entered what rooms and when.

Intuitive web app and programming

You can learn how to use the app in just a few minutes and then configure everything yourself.

No more fretting over lost keys

If you have lost your transponder, you can simply deactivate it and activate a new one. And the best thing is: You no longer need to replace locks.

Simple installation, easy retrofit

Simply replace the mechanical cylinder with a digital one. You can install it in just a few minutes. No wires, no drilling, no dirt!

Excellent cost efficiency

MobileKey is low-cost and low-maintenance. It is the product of choice for locking systems with up to 100 users.

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MobileKey | digitale Schließsysteme für kleine Unternehmen wie Agenturen oder Kanzleien