Smart Intego

Seamless Integration for Enhanced Building Security

Discover how we seamlessly integrate locking cylinders, SmartHandle, and padlock components into complex building management systems. Get flexible control over individual access, lightning-fast protection against panic, and the ability to leverage existing IT infrastructure and multifunctional SmartCards. Elevate your building's security with SmartIntego

The many advantages are the best arguments!


Integration of electronic instead of mechanical access control in existing building systems based on flexible interfaces, high-performance protocols and open system design.

Extremely long
battery life

In wireless online mode, the battery cells can manage up to 80,000 activations. The average battery life in standby mode is five years.

Use of existing
IT infrastructure

SmartIntego can also be integrated into heterogeneous IT infrastructures via existing user interfaces at no great cost without the added complication of connecting through additional databases or software.

Highest possible security

Events logged to record which users have gained access to a particular place at specific times. Lost ID media instantly blocked and unauthorised key copying eliminated (3D printing).

Simple, cable-free installation

Cables do not need to be installed or connected. Standard button cells ensure that cylinders and SmartHandles do not depend on an external power supply.

Flexible without limitations

Extremely simple processes thanks to interfaces between HR department and locking system management. Problem-free handling of modifications to the organisation and room use in places where employees change on a frequent basis. ID media can be issued with limited validity for users such as visitors or maintenance staff.

SnapIn mounting

The system features a unique mounting technology to affix SmartHandles to doors without needing to drill holes. This brings real benefits for rental property and fire doors, where drilling is forbidden.

Low costs for administration
and training

Intuitive operation using existing software ensures that the time and expense for administration and training are kept to a minimum.

SmartIntego | Lösungen für bestehende Systeme
SmartIntego | Lösungen für bestehende Systeme mit komplexen Anfordernungen

Certified Integration Partners – SmartIntego

Certified integration partners of SimonsVoss are awarded the GOLD certification. The decisive factor here is the integrator's close collaboration with SimonsVoss and a successful assessment of the respective system based on the underlying system philosophy. Employees of the partner have successfully taken part in appropriate technical training. Certification is available for the Wireless Online and SmartIntego Virtual Card Network systems.


Certified Integration Partners SmartIntego– Wireless Online

Certified Integration Partners SmartIntego– Virtual Card Network

Other Integration Partners – SmartIntego

The following companies have developed SmartIntego solutions, but have not yet been certified by SimonsVoss.


Other Integration Partners SmartIntego – Wireless Online

Other Integration Partners SmartIntego – Virtual Card Network

Certified constructors, distributors
and VARs – SmartIntego

The SILVER certificate provides information on the close cooperation between the installer/distributor/VAR and SimonsVoss, based on technical training to enable the SmartIntego system to be successfully and safely commissioned and maintained at the end customer's premises.



ARAS Security A/S
Mose Allé 10B
2610 Rødovre



Bouygues E&S InTec Schweiz AG
Buckhauserstrasse 22
8084 Zürich


C&C Partners Sp. z 0.0.
17 Stycznia 119 M121
64-1 00 Leszno


ES Sicherheit AG
Mövenstrasse 15
9015 St. Gallen


Gölzner GmbH
Monschauerstraße 3
40549 Dusseldorf


Aluminiumstrasse 1
33415 Verl


Konrad Kleiner GmbH
Kurt-Kleiner-Straße 1
87719 Mindelheim


VIDEOR E. Hartig GmbH
CarI-Zeiss-Straße 8
63322 Rödermark


LaBoe Security OG Ochsenharing 58
5163 Mattsee


W.I.S. Sicherheit + Service GmbH & Co. KG
Im Acker 23
56072 Koblenz




M.N.O. Stühler GmbH & Co. KG
Andernacher Straße 6a
90411 Nürnberg


ProSec Sicherheits-
technik GmbH
Gewerbezone Ost
DLZ 4 Top 1
7011 Siegendorf Österreich


TKH Security GmbH
Max-Planck-Str. 15 a-c, 40699 Erkrath


tobler GmbH & Co. KG
Haager Str. 5
81618 München