Smart Padlocks 

Whether access to premises, equipment or personal possessions our smart digital padlocks provide an intelligent layer of security. 

Access to premises or valuable equipment in the tool cabinet – protect your property with the new AX digital padlock. You will no longer need an extra key for this lock either. You’ll find that everything is also integrated into System 3060 or SmartIntego. 

Advantages of our AX digital padlocks 

  • Full integration into System 3060 or SmartIntego
  • Operable with transponder and SmartCard
  • Manual and self-locking version
  • Different shackle diameters
  • Integrierter Bohrschutz
  • Can be networked without cables
  • A securing chain protects against theft and falling of the padlock

AX digital padlocks protect your property. 

▶ Padlocks AX


Digital padlocks AX are available in manual- and self-locking versions with different shackle diameters. A securing chain prevents the padlock from being stolen or falling onto the floor. It can even record who has opened the lock at particular times.




System 3060 | Digital Cylinder AX | Location
Digitales Vorhängeschloss AX

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