Employee benefits at SimonsVoss.

Your benefits at SimonsVoss

The work you do for us should be rewarded! That’s why we offer you diverse benefits with real added value.


Work-life balance

Flexibility in your day-to-day work is our top priority!

Flexible working hours: You can organise your professional and private life to an optimum, and adapt your hours of work to your individual situation. Overtime does occur, but is frowned upon, because leisure time is the necessary balance that we all need.

Remote working: Depending on the area you work in, up to three days a week of remote working is possible. Decide with your team which days of the week you would like to spend in the office, and when you want to use your remote-working days. 

Holiday: At SimonsVoss, you get 30 days of holiday – and there’s no block during your probationary period. What is more, we offer you generous extra days of holiday for special events in your life.



Health & mobility

We promote your health and fitness, and support you in balancing work and your private life.

Mobility: Sustainable mobility is one of the key issues of our times. We offer you bike leasing with attractive conditions for e-bikes, racing bikes or trekking bikes.

Fitness subsidy: There’s a subsidy of € 30 a month (gross) for the gym, online or other fitness courses.

Employee-assistance programme: For your mental health, we offer an employee-assistance programme for confidential advice and practical information about many situations in life.

Free drinks & fruit: Drinking enough and healthy eating are important for our well-being. So, at SimonsVoss, all drinks are free of charge and we provide a basket of fresh fruit.


Familie & Einkauf

Family & free time

It’s important to us that you know you and your family are well taken care of.

Kindergarten subsidy: We’re a family-friendly company. So, you have the option of receiving a subsidy of up to € 250 a month (gross) for the day care of each of your children.

Corporate benefits: You can profit from considerable discounts and exclusive offers, e.g. in the areas of automotive, travel, fashion, technology and recreation.


Vorsorge & Sicherheit

Personal provision & safety

Whether it’s an accident or retirement – we want you to be provided for on all counts.

Company pension plan: We support your company pension plan with a monthly subsidy of € 40 + 20 % conversion. As an alternative, we subsidise policies or employee saving schemes with up to € 27 (gross).

Accident & health insurance: We take care of your safety. All our employees are safeguarded by group accident insurance in the event of an accident. In addition, every employee is protected by our foreign-travel health insurance when on international business trips.

Entwicklung & Weiterbildung

Development & continuous training

We advise and coach our employees in their personal development.

Onboarding: With our structured onboarding and an induction process individually tailored to you, we ensure that you can settle in to your new job quickly.

Continuous training: We support your personal and professional development. You’re also given access to the language-learning platform Busuu, the Allegion Academy and the LinkedIn Learning programme.

Prospects: At SimonsVoss, skills are nurtured and career paths customised. You’re given numerous options for driving your career forward and developing your abilities in a dynamic environment. 

A secure job: We offer the best prospects for the future because, as one of the leading technology groups in a strongly growing security market, you can trust in a successful future with us.




Corporate culture

We’re passionate about our products, technologies and innovations. At SimonsVoss, you can still feel the spirit of a start-up.

Flat hierarchies: We’re very proud of our open-door policy, which includes the company management, short meeting and decision-making processes, and colleagues who you can truly ask anything: these are what make us excel!

Diversity: We embody equality at the workplace. Our mission: true equal opportunities for all genders, across all levels and career steps. We nurture a working environment of different cultures because, at SimonsVoss, colleagues from 13 nations work together very successfully.

Events: Whether it’s an anniversary, summer party, Christmas party, traditional Bavarian breakfast, hiking trip, night skiing or company runs: we always find a reason to celebrate or experience something together.