The high-performance stimulator.


There are many installation locations and areas where a cylinder is not much use, such as cupboards, roll-up doors or electric strikes. These also include equipment which is switched on such as lifts, machines and lighting or when data needs to be transmitted in a virtual network. Digital SmartRelays come to the rescue in such cases.

Advantages of our SmartRelay digital control unit 

  • Control of technical devices and systems – especially suitable for use on garage and roll-up doors
  • Switches lighting or machines on and off
  • Version for surface mount and version for flush mount to install in switch boxes
  • Reading range: up to 120 cm
  • 500 access events can be logged
  • Operable with transponder and SmartCards
  • Can be networked without cables
  • Can be used for the transmission of data in virtual networks
  • Fast data transfer 
  • Large buffering capacity, blacklist distribution with acknowledgement and seamless system monitoring ensure high operational reliability

SimonsVoss SmartRelay – your digital switch and control nerve centre

Our digital SmartRelay variants in brief:


▶ SmartRelays


MobileKey digital SmartRelay in a white design casing for surface mount with access control, time zone management and events logging; can be connected to external antennas.




SmartRelais von SimonsVoss

▶ SmartRelay 2


Small and compact, SmartRelay 2 is thus highly suitable for use in confined installation spaces. It is needed to open a barrier or a roll-up door or, if you wish, to operate third-party systems such as a time-and-attendance terminal with a transponder.

Digitale Steuereinheit SmartRelais 2

▶ SmartRelay 3 Advanced


SmartRelay 3 Advanced is a powerful control unit consisting of a controller and a reader. In a virtual network, it acts as a high-performance gateway, transmitting access rights and modified configurations to identification media.

Three external readers can be connected, which can be ordered as separate units

and operated with transponders or smart cards, or both in a hybrid system. A fast IP connection via Ethernet (including PoE) ensures instant transmission and updates, even for larger data volumes.

Digitale Steuereinheit SmartRelais 3 Advanced
System 3060 | Digital Cylinder AX | Location
System 3060 | Digital Cylinder AX | Location

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