Thumb-turn Covers

Thumb-Turn covers elevating your locking cylinders with seamless networking

Experience the future of digital locking cylinder networking with SimonsVoss' Thumb-Turn Cover. This device wirelessly networks with our digital locking cylinders, offering flexible integration options. Whether retrofitting to existing systems or ordering with new cylinders, it's designed for convenience. 

Advantages of our thumb-turn covers: 

  • Can be networked without cables, but also via an existing Ethernet line or other data lines.
  • Direct networking of all locking elements via an integrated LockNode.
  • Various levels of networking are possible: offline, virtual, online.
  • Networking levels can also be combined in a single system.
  • Networking is also possible via existing networks.
  • Data transmission over the 868 MHz frequency band.

Ingenious! Networking of locking cylinders without an extra LockNode next to the door. 

WaveNet thump-turn-cover


The WaveNet Network thumb-turn cover incorporates the LockNode into the metal cover on the electronics side of a locking cylinder. It thus enables direct networking without the need to fit additional LockNodes next to the door and you can also dispense with I/Os. The network thumb-turn cover can be retrofitted very easily by replacing the cover on the electronics side of a locking cylinder. New cylinders for direct networking can be ordered as the Network Inside version .WNM. 




System 3060 | Digital Cylinder AX | Location
Router von SimonsVoss

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