Routers for Electronic Locking Systems      

Online, offline, virtual and everything in between. Our powerful network routers provide whatever it is you need. 

Advantages of our router: 

  • All locking components can be connected wirelessly via a router. However, they can also be connected via an existing Ethernet cable or other data lines (RS485)
  • All locking components can be networked directly via an integrated LockNode, which can also be retrofitted
  • There are different levels of networking available, depending on your individual requirements: offline, virtual, online.
  • All three networking levels (offline, virtual, online) can be combined in a single system. The main entrances can be virtually networked, for example, but the server room and an equipment room are networked online while general office doors are not networked at all.
  • Existing building networks can also be used to network the locking system via a router.
  • Data is transmitted via the 868 MHz frequency band

We combine hardware and software with networking via routers. 

WaveNet Router


The latest router generation from SimonsVoss offers unique protective functions for door monitoring, such as ‘Lock doors in gunman incidents’, ‘Release doors in the event of fire’ or automatic signals in the case of breakdowns and emergency situations.




System 3060 | Digital Cylinder AX | Location
Router von SimonsVoss

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