Providing a reliable connection between central control systems and wireless online systems.

The GatewayNode provides the perfect connection to the central control system in wireless online systems. The option of creating local whitelists ensures access remains guaranteed even if the access control system fails.

Advantages of our GatewayNode: 

  • Radio-based GatewayNode with an RS485 or TCP/IP interface (TCP/IP with PoE)
  • All locking elements are networked with integrated LockNodes
  • Up to 16 locks via 868MHz
  • Simple integration into existing access control systems

The GatewayNode – the switch and control panels.



The GatewayNode is connected to the external access control centre via TCP/IP or RS485. Data exchange with locking devices is carried out via its 868 MHz radio interface. Up to 16 locks can be assigned to a GatewayNode.



Gateway Node

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