AX Manager

The next dimension of electronic locking systems.

State of the art electronic locking software that makes managing thousands of components and authorisations a simple and central task. 

Advantages of our high-performance AX Manager software: 


  • Modern user interface with icons, buttons, tab structures, and sliding menu items in the header section.
  • Progressive disclosure – task-related presentation of functions. Unnecessary information is hidden, such as non-relevant details about transponders and locking devices.
  • MS SQL database – provides automation of own back-up routines and processes, for example.


  • Wizards for frequently required tasks, such as creating and deleting components or following the procedure when a transponder is lost..
  • Doors and persons can be assigned to more than one authorisation group and interlinked with one another.
  • AXM projects can be converted to higher editions at any time.

Set up and manage your locking system with AX Manager.  

Software editions in brief:


▶ AXM Lite Edition


The AXM Lite Edition is particularly suitable for small companies and agencies with a manageable number of doors.

  • Entry-level solution with the new AXM software
  • Management of up to 20 locking devices and 100 transponders
  • One project, one locking system and one user (Admin)
  • Basic functions for locking system management (offline)

▶ AXM Classic Edition


AXM Classic offers a powerful range of functions which guarantee convenient and, above all, secure operation of many SimonsVoss locking systems.

  • 64,000 locking devices and identification media
  • Unlimited projects and locking systems
  • Two users (Admin and Admin AL)
  • Card supported (RFID media)
  • Full functions for non-networked locking systems
  • Upgrade of an existing AXM Lite edition possible

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