Security card

Anyone who wants to have a key copied goes to a locksmith – it’s that simple and obvious. But a locksmith is not able to copy every key. In many cases, a security card must be submitted so that the key can be copied.


What is a security card?

A security card resembles a credit card and is the only way to obtain authorisation to make a copy of a key. When you purchase a security lock, you also receive the security card, which guarantees that only you - or a person who you handed over the security card to - can copy the key and that nobody can make unauthorised copies.

This is particularly good for your own sense of security if you have lent the key to someone or even lost it and got it back again, because you can also be sure that no copy has been made in such cases.


Particularly important for landlords

The use of locks and locking systems with security cards is highly recommended for landlords. Even if they largely trust new tenants, an element of risk still remains always. The situations mentioned above might actually not only happen to you. A tenant might also lose their key at some time. The old saying adage “trust is good; control is better” applies in such situations. If landlords have a security card, they know that their tenants are unable to produce copies of a key without asking. As the tenant does not have the security card, they need to order the key from the landlord (or building management) and will then receive it.


When tenants want to have a key copied

Needless to say, it is always likely that tenants will want to have an extra copy of a key. This may be because there are not enough keys for all household members, because they want to give a copy to a cleaner or leave a key with friends or neighbours (in case tenants locks themselves out or they want someone to water the plants while they are on holiday). There are many possible reasons. However, as the tenant does not have the security card, they cannot simply make a copy themselves.

Whether it’s privately rented accommodation or commercial space, the tenant must “order” the key from the landlord (or the property management, depending on the ownership). The key is then copied and the tenant receives the copy as soon as it has been made.


The security card may also go missing

It’s not only keys that can be lost. If things don’t go to plan, the security card itself may also go missing. In this case, a replacement card needs to be issued, which requires a little paperwork in the form of a sworn statement. This statement can be used to issue the replacement security card.


No security card whatsoever: the digital locking system

A safe alternative with many advantages is the installation of a digital locking system such as SimonsVoss System 3060. Instead of keys, there are digital locking media such as transponders, which you cannot copy and therefore do not need a security card. In this system, you can easily specify the individual access rights for each transponder (and, obviously, also withdraw them at any time).

Key loss does not pose a problem, even if the transponder is not found again: if a locking medium is lost, it can simply be deactivated in the system and can then no longer be used.


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