Maintenance and safety instructions.

We are pleased that you have opted for a high-quality digital locking system from SimonsVoss Technologies GmbH or are planning to use a digital locking system from SimonsVoss. 

Basically, every locking system is part of the building and should be checked and serviced regularly to maintain its value and function. 

In general, maintenance and safety instructions apply to the correct functionality of the door. A prerequisite for the correct functionality of the door is that the necessary locking component has been correctly installed in or on the door. In addition, there are other components on the door that have an influence on functionality and security. These include mortise locks, strike plates, overhead door closers and door hinges. All maintenance and safety instructions must therefore be observed throughout all work carried out for the door. 

For maintenance and safety instructions for components from other manufacturers, we recommend that you contact the respective manufacturer or distributor. Special dedicated documentation must be observed for special doors, such as fire doors. 

Please also observe our product-specific warning and safety instructions in the documentation enclosed with each delivery. 

General maintenance and safety instructions for SimonsVoss locking components:

The prescribed maintenance intervals (at least once a month) must be observed in accordance with DIN EN 179 and DIN EN 1125. It must be ensured that all parts of the locking system are in a satisfactory, operational condition. Anti-panic cylinders, as well as other cylinder designs, are not part of the standards DIN EN 179 and 1125 and may only be installed as part of the locking system in locks which have been expressly approved for this purpose by the lock manufacturer. 

When using the SmartHandle digital door fitting on fire and/or smoke protection doors, on emergency exit locks in accordance with DIN EN 179 or in conjunction with panic locks in accordance with DIN EN 1125, the FH variant must be used. 

Specific information for the SimonsVoss radio network (WaveNet) with protective functions:

The WaveNet router with protective function provides additional safety in conjunction with safety measures that are already required in buildings. Please note that the security functions of SimonsVoss are only one component of a potential security concept. Only a technical risk manager (Certified Security Manager or comparable) should create and evaluate a corresponding concept. This manager also defines the inspection intervals to be observed. Every four weeks, SimonsVoss Technologies recommends a comprehensive functional test of the components associated with the security functions (routers, LockNodes, locks, software).


Further information on the subject of security functions can be found in the current WaveNet manual.