If you have purchased your paid software license, you can download the current version of LSM 3.5 (Basic /Basic Online Edition) here!

The most important innovations in version 3.5 at a glance:

With major release:

  • Temporary deactivation of ident media
  • Repeat interval of tasks adjustable in days, weeks and months
  • Search of transponders and locks also possible by TID or LID
  • New driver for active programming devices (version 2.12.28)
  • Registration obligation for LSM Basic Editions

With Service Pack 1:

  • Subsequent release for Windows 11
  • Support of future AX components
  • Readout of the entire locking status incl. battery warning in the network
  • Reactions to trigger sensors in event management

With Service Pack 2:

  • Integration BLE programming for AX locks in the toolbar
  • Improved communication between client and server via VPN
  • Gender neutrality and DSGVO compliance

With Service Pack 3:

  • Support of all further developments of our AX components
  • Delivery of the latest TeamViewer QuickSupport

Please note:

Version 3.5 is a so called major release, for an update from version 3.4 or older you need a paid license.

Under the new version, the Basic Edition is now also subject to registration and requires a paid license. You can get this license from our reseller partners. 

Updates within version 3.5 by service packs, on the other hand, are free of charge. Simply use the combined update and installation files of the corresponding software.

Start the installation only after a current backup of your database and if you have the registration information for version 3.5: LSM commission number + order number. You will find help for the registration in the manual in chapter 3.1.2.

The installation of the software should always be performed as administrator with administrative rights. 

DOWNLOAD the update and installation files of the Basic and Basic Online Edition:

DOWNLOAD the update file of LSM Mobile PC:

DOWNLOAD the installation files of the Business and Professional Edition:

Please contact a licensed SimonsVoss dealer in your area.

Archive Service Packs

LSM 3.4 Service Pack 2

Service Pack 1 for LSM 3.4 update.

At first please read the short instruction.
For details of the the LSM software changes please refer to the Release notes.


If you have any questions about the installation, please contact the hotline (Tel. 0049 (0) 89 99228 333 or