When it comes to keys, locks, etc., the locksmith is usually the first point of contact. Whether copying keys, purchasing and using cylinders (including associated keys) or general information about locking systems: The locksmith is the person to see.

The locksmith is the contact person for various issues relating to keys, locks and more. Copying keys, buying a lock – these are things a locksmith does.


Why a locksmith?

As already mentioned at the beginning, there are many reasons to contact a locksmith. Of course, most obviously everything that involves access to doors – be it copying keys, purchasing new cylinders (including associated keys) or general information about locking systems and systems. Padlocks and bicycle locks, for example, can also be purchased from the locksmith.

The locksmith plays a special role when suddenly losing your key. If you lose the key, this usually tends to be notices when you are standing in front of the door and no longer come in. Here, the 24-hour emergency helps, which can also reopen the door without a key.


Having a copy of a key made

There may be many reasons to copy a key. It does not necessarily have to be due to a lost key. There are many other reasons for visiting the locksmith: Perhaps you have just moved to a new house and there are not enough keys for all members of the household. Or you've engaged a cleaner. A key may also have broken. Whatever the reason: The locksmith will help.



What is allowed and what is not

Normal profile
It's not possible to answer the question of whether a key can simply be copied by a locksmith or not. This depends on various factors. If the keys are so-called normal profile keys, the tenant may have the key copied at any time. However, the tenant must inform their landlord of how many keys the locksmith has copied and also hand them over to the landlord when moving out.

With a security card
In the case of security locks, copying keys is more difficult from a legal perspective. In order for the locksmith to copy it, it is necessary that the security card belonging to the key is presented. Without the card, the locksmith is not authorised to copy the key. Depending on ownership, the landlord can hand you the security card or must request the keys from the building management itself so that they can be copied by the locksmith.


When calling the emergency service

Briefly not paying attention
A lost key, a forgotten key or even an unexpected gust of wind – suddenly you are standing in front of the locked door and can't get in. The emergency service offered by the locksmith can provide the needed help, in most cases even without damaging the door.

Type of opening
If the locksmith came because you simply forgot the key or the door accidently closed behind you, nothing else needs to be done. If you lost your key, the question is: How safe do you still feel? Knowing that strangers may now have access to the door can cause sleepless nights.

The situation is even more dramatic if it was a locking system and/or a company key. In many cases, replacement is inevitable and the locksmith must be commissioned to replace keys and cylinders.



Schlüssel vergessen

The better alternative: a digital locking system

A SimonsVoss digital locking system makes things safer, simpler and more flexible. Transponders are primarily used as locking media for which individual access rights can be defined for each.

If an access medium is lost, this is no need for sleepless nights, as it can simply be blocked in the system and replaced if necessary. Security is quickly restored and there is no need for expensive services from the locksmith.


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