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High quality construction means combining comfort and security!

And the one saying this must really know - after all, he is the managing director of SimonsVoss Technologies GmbH (Unterföhring) and is currently in the process of putting the finishing touches on his new home near Munich: Ludger Voss. As the founder and technical innovator, he has been putting digital locking technology on the map since the late 1990s. SimonsVoss is now a leading supplier of these systems in Germany. Electronic locking technology is a useful and practical addition for homeowners whose ideas of comfort go beyond roller shutters and awnings or heating. Ludger Voss and Bernhard Sommer, also Managing Director at SimonsVoss, provide an explanation of this using the "MobileKey" system as an example.


What is your philosophy, what drives you?

Ludger Voss: We paved the way for digital locking technology with a revolutionary idea more than 20 years ago. Today, we are still promoting new ideas on a daily basis and continuously developing our range of products. Our heart beats for our customers, employees and partners. And for the technology with which we pursue our vision of a keyless world.


What does that mean – "keyless world"?

Ludger Voss: We mean that literally. SimonsVoss products make mechanical locking systems dispensable. To put it in looser terms, this process corresponds to the development of sun protection on the terrace – fewer and fewer homeowners are using a mechanical crank handle to operate their sunblinds, and most of them use radio remote control nowadays.

Bernhard Sommer: From the customer's point of view, the whole thing is a question of integrating comfort and security. High-quality residential buildings and condominiums require a professional, fast and simple digital locking solution. In this segment, we are on the verge of expanding the market in the direction of the smart home – and a digital dual thumbturn cylinder from SimonsVoss can be easily retrofitted.


However, there are also building owners who see things differently and are somewhat sceptical about this trend, not to mention the cost of a complete smart home concept...

Ludger Voss: That's correct. In this case, our department must first determine the precise requirements and keep an eye on the available budget. We also have an excellent solution for such requirements.

Bernhard Sommer: Precisely – MobileKey. This system replaces the mechanical key with a digital transponder, a PinCode keypad or smartphone. Instead of a mechanical one, the digital locking cylinder is inserted into the door lock. Exchanging such systems is "child's play". no cabling or drilling required. The door, lock and cylinder do not change in terms of appearance. With the help of a free web app, the customer can configure the system himself. This is the easiest step into the world of SmartHome.


That sounds very simple.

Ludger Voss: It is. You can equip up to 20 doors with it and integrate 100 users. But it can also be less extensive. I have just installed MobileKey in my new front door, which is the smallest possible solution, so to speak, consisting of an electronic locking cylinder, locking media and the PinCode keypad, which was mounted on the glass element of my front door. Thanks to the standard dimensions, which apply to any normal front door, the MobileKey cylinder can be inserted into the lock very quickly.

Bernhard Sommer: MobileKey is configured and managed with a free web app. The app can run on any internet-ready device such as a PC, tablet PC, Mac or smartphone. You, the user, can determine which persons have which access rights with just a few clicks. This process is extremely simple indeed and can be changed at any time.


And what if someone doesn't want to install it themselves?

Bernhard Sommer: At SimonsVoss, we work closely with specialist dealers. Since our sales partners are highly trained in all systems, end customers can simply order the installation and configuration of MobileKey.


Can you tell us something about the MobileKey components?

Ludger Voss: The system is based on the free-rotating digital double thumbturn cylinder – MobileKey is suitable for indoor and outdoor use as standard and is equipped with the "access control" function for time schedules and access logging. With the integrated button cells, up to 300,000 locking operations – i.e. up to 10 years of use – are possible. I use the PinCode keypad as an identification medium in my new house. It is mounted without cables – even on glass. To open it, I enter a self-defined code, which should contain 4 to 8 digits. I can change the code at any time if necessary. We also use transponders so that the door opens by remotely at the push of a button.

Bernhard Sommer: This is another enormous advantage of digital locking technology: If someone in the family has lost their transponder, it can be easily blocked and another one reactivated. This means that the door is secured again and you no longer have to replace locks. The MobileKey system can be managed with any Internet-compatible device from virtually anywhere in the world. You can, so to speak, issue or block access authorisations from your deckchair while on holiday and check the status of the door equipped with the system.


Is this then an additional option?

Ludger Voss: Yes. You can also optionally upgrade MobileKey with the socalled DoorMonitoring. Integrated sensors in the electronic cylinder then monitor the door status and register every change in status. Open, closed, bolt completely retracted or extended, locked once or twice, open too long – relevant information such as this is reported and logged in real time.

Bernhard Sommer: Our latest innovation is Key4Friends - this online module makes it possible to grant temporary access authorisations, e.g. for external service providers, suppliers or guests, via e-mail. Key4Friends is valid for up to 6 months and can be extended as often as you like.



SimonsVoss Technologies GmbH, with headquarters in Unterföhring near Munich and a production and logistics center in Osterfeld/Saxony-Anhalt, has been part of Allegion™ since September 2015 and is thus part of a globally active network. Since the market launch of its digital locking and access control system "3060" in 1998, the company has modernised its (once predominantly mechanical) locking technology in line with modern technological standards and is now regarded as a European technology leader in the field of battery-powered electronic locking and access control systems. Further information at www.simons-voss.com


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Allegion (NYSE: ALL) is a global pioneer in access control, with leading brands including CISA®, Interflex®, LCN®, Schlage®, SimonsVoss® and Von Duprin®. With a focus on door and access security, Allegion offers a wide range of solutions for people and property - homes, businesses, schools and more. Allegion achieved a turnover of 2.7 billion US dollars in 2018 and is active in almost 130 countries.

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