Door Access Control Systems

Intelligent door access control system for better security

The rapid development of digital technology has become an integral and essential part of our working lives. But could it be doing more to support the security of our buildings and facilities? Innovative battery-operated access control systems and digital locking in the UK are transforming the control, transparency and security that cannot be achieved with traditional locking mechanisms.

Discover how an intelligent door access control system could improve security, efficiency and support changing working time models, for your premises.

Why choose door access control?

In simple terms, access control gives you complete control over the approved personnel that have a right to enter your building and the areas they are authorised to further access once inside. Employees, site visitors and members of the general public to third-party contractors and suppliers – all need to be accounted for and their access rights managed. 

For premises with multiple people entering and leaving, access control systems provide buildings and facilities managers, security managers and accommodation managers with complete peace of mind that they can seamlessly and securely protect, not only their buildings and its assets, but also the people within it.

Events in recent years have served as a reminder that buildings and businesses across many sectors are required to do all they can to heighten security and access. Whether it’s limiting the risk posed by physical danger or restricting access to prevent risk of contamination and infection, access control systems like the SimonsVoss door access control provide a simple, effective solution.

Access control systems versus conventional locking systems

Traditional mechanical keys cannot keep pace with developments in today’s modern world. Increasingly, business premises, medical and educational facilities, public venues and sports arenas, even places of worship, are finding their current traditional locking systems are leaving them vulnerable and open to exploitation. 

In today’s fast-paced world, traditional locking methods are becoming increasingly inefficient. Keeping track of who is in possession of the master key can be a challenge itself. When it comes to methods and procedures for storing multiple keys, and the security key cabinet signing in/signing out process, the risks of security breaches rise significantly – keys get lost or there’s potential for them to get into the wrong hands.

When a key is lost, it’s best practice to replace the lock to prevent misuse and potential break-ins. New keys will need to be cut and distributed to those that need them - not only a source of frustration but also an unnecessary drain on budget and time that can be easily avoided with a digital access control system.

In a survey we conducted recently, 95% of our existing customers said ‘reducing key loss and the associated security problems’ was the most important benefit, with 48% highlighting ‘cost savings’ as a secondary positive.

If an audit trail is something your business or facility is required to produce, it is incredibly difficult to see who has entered a room or building, and at what time.

A battery-operated digital door access control system can remove much of the labour-intensive work connected with the monitoring, handling and replacing of mechanical lock and key systems.

How does an access control system work?

Our simple and intelligent systems work them in the way that your business or premises require them to. Together, we identify which SimonsVoss locking component is suitable to replace your existing mechanical lock.

Once installed, the Locking System Management software is programmed to tell the lock which door it belongs to, and which users have access rights.

New users can be added in minutes, while ID medium that has been lost or stolen can be deleted by just using the software. Digital locking puts you in full control of your locks, and the individuals that can access them, at any time of day or night.

What are the benefits of a digital access control system?

Digital access control systems offer a variety of businesses, building and facilities the ability to reduce risks and vulnerabilities associated with mechanical keys, primarily improving security. They also present innovative opportunities to become more efficient and future-proof your security budget.

By utilising digital systems, you improve security and control through the following benefits:

Full visibility over people authorised to have access.

Access control systems enable users to set up multiple levels of access – for instance, you can allow employees to have automatic access, whereas visitors, contractors and associates might be required to report to reception to provide identification before being authorised to enter the premises.

Bespoke control of specific rooms and spaces.

Designated rooms or areas of buildings may be out of bounds to some – where expensive equipment, dangerous machinery or sensitive data may be held. An access control system provides you with the ability to limit access to the authorised few, giving you a further layer of detailed control over your entire estate.

A full audit trail over access dates and times.

Knowing who has entered and exited the building, the rooms they have accessed and at what times means you can provide comprehensive and accurate audit trails, should they ever be required.

Access restrictions can be quickly and easily put in place.

If you need to suddenly grant or remove access authorisation or restrict access at specific times or shift patterns, a digital door access system can be configured seamlessly and quickly for individual or multiple users. The system is designed to be as flexible as you need it to be for your organisation. It’s also possible to integrate with HR interfaces to make this process automated.

Future-proof security.

By installing a door access control system, you will be future proofing your premises and potentially saving costs in the longer term. SimonsVoss locking systems can handle virtually any door installation type. Thanks to the German-engineered mounting technology the need to drill into existing doors is unnecessary. All products and systems are designed for full backward and forward compatibility, making retrospective upgrades simple and potentially more affordable.

Access control system installation and configuration

Our System 3060 product offers the ultimate in innovation and flexibility when it comes to digital door access control systems. When operating in a wireless online mode, the battery life lasts on average, for five years – that’s up to 180,000 activations.

Our door access control system doesn’t require cables upon installation or require an external power supply.

Installation is carried out by SimonsVoss approved installers who can survey, install and offer the first line of support for any systems. When it comes to configuration, we can design a bespoke solution that is based on your unique security concerns.

What is the price of an access control system?

A SimonsVoss electronic lock costs around four to five times less than a typical hardwired door – meaning you get four doors for the price of one!

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