MobileKey – Digitale Schließsysteme für kleine Unternehmen wie Agenturen, Startups oder Kanzleien

Digital access control systems for small businesses 

Companies do not need to be at all large to develop thriving business activity. Even in smaller businesses such as cafés, law firms, agencies or pharmacies, thing can get hectic very quickly. On the one hand, there are obviously the employees and, on the other, customers, guests and external service providers who need access to the premises.

This leads to a complex process as access rights for individual people can vary greatly. For example, there are rooms such as individual offices that are only intended for the employee who works there. Companies also have rooms such as material storerooms that everyone should have access to. Other rooms such as server rooms and archives may be highly restricted access areas and are reserved for individual employees only.

The solution: MobileKey 



  • Dynamic events that need to be checked quickly
  • Flexible response to different requirements
  • Different areas with different access rights

It is important to be able to provide a flexible response when controlling access rights. Small companies in particular see a great deal of coming and going with staff changes, switches between project teams and interns or student workers who only work for a short period of time. Access rights need to be issued quickly and it must also be possible to withdraw them where necessary – when a locking medium has been lost or not returned, for example.

There are also other areas of access control: For instance, access control can start at the barrier to the car park before the actual company premises itself. Time is also another factor. There may be an external cleaning company that should only be able to enter rooms outside working hours only. Such access can also be controlled with a digital locking system.

The answer:

MobileKey can meet all the requirements that small businesses impose on a modern locking system with up to 20 doors:

  • Instant blocking of lost locking media
  • Quality assurance through automatic event logging and automatic processes
  • Active security thanks to mapping of areas requiring special protection, such as server rooms
  • Passive security by deterring theft and abuse
  • Low costs thanks to sustainability, a long service life, minimal power consumption and similar

Security in small businesses


No more worry about lost keys


  • A replacement credential is created for a lost locking credential
  • The user picks it up
  • The lost locking credential is automatically blocked

Main and side entrances


  • Programmable system over the network or online from anywhere in the world
  • Individual access rights thanks to authorised identification medium, including for external service providers such as cleaners

Safety cabinets​​​​​​


  • Protection of materials and sensitive data
  • Digital espagnolette locks and furniture locks for installation in hinged door cabinets, office cabinets, drawers 
  • All locking transactions are logged

Simple installation, easy retrofit


  • The mechanical door cylinder is simply replaced with the digital cylinder
  • No wiring, no drilling, no dirt



  • Send access rights by e-mail to guests, customers and service providers
  • Valid for up to 6 months and can be extended as often as you wish

Protection against burglary


  • Restricted access areas always securely locked
  • No more high costs and security issues if a key is lost or stolen
  • Lost identification media can be deactivated and reprogrammed within a few seconds

Cabinets/underground garages


  • Access rights issued for car parks and underground garages at a simple press of the mouse
  • Secured without “lock” by SmartRelay
  • These can switch elements such as lighting, barriers and roll-up doors

Door with door monitoring


  • Cable-free online door monitoring for restricted access rooms
  • Records, logs and reports all door statuses on request using sensor control to detect whether doors are open, closed, locked or open too long
  • Notifies you of any critical events

Excellent cost efficiency


  • Cost-effective and very low maintenance
  • Suitable for systems with up to 20 doors and 100 users

Facility Management


  • Central set-up and management of all System 3060 components with the web app
  • Comprehensive reporting and time-controlled rights


Our checklist shows you options for using digital locking technology in small businesses.


Which areas need to be secured? 
Which people need access?  
How can management be assisted?
What requirements does the software need to meet?  
How should people identify themselves?  
What vehicle access types and functions are there?

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