Digital locking systems
for healthcare institutions


With large numbers of visitors, different staff, service staff and,obviously, many patients, medical and care facilities and hospitals are never quiet. It's a highly complex task to control such activity, protect restricted areas against unauthorised access and manage access zones and times safely. There's also the difficult balance between the required protection for people, equipment, medical supplies and similar, on the one hand, and freedom of movement for medical, care and service staff on the other.

Controlled locking in hospitals is digital

Electronic locking systems are an important prerequisite for comprehensive security in hospitals and rehabilitation and care facilities. The SimonsVoss Digital Locking and Access Control System 3060 provides the link between effective control and active door management and, consequently, universal command over all access rights, even if there are several buildings and locations.


System 3060 by SimonsVoss

System 3060 unites intelligent, digital locking components with state-of-the-art software. Identification media with individual access rights lock and open doors contactlessly by radio signal. Digital locking devices can be programmed as required. Linked into a centrally controllable system, doors, gateways and barriers can be opened or closed in segments using a central command.


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