Just press.

No key, no turning the thumb turn - just hold the SmartCard in front of the door fitting. Then all you have to do is press the handle and you can open the door. If you're authorized. SmartHandle is particularly suitable for healthcare facilities. Such as hospitals or retirement homes.

As many variants as wishes.


Digital SmartHandle is available with four different types of fastening: Snap-in, conventional fastening, escutcheon installation or conventional fastening with mechanical override (MO). You can find more details in our product catalogue.

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SmartIntego | Mood
SmartIntego | Mood
SmartIntego | Schließkomponenten | Digitales SmartHandle
SmartIntego | Mood

Advantages of the digital SmartHandle

  • Simple SnapIn mounting with a single screw
  • Wide range of variants and accessories, e. g. different mounting types, various handles and covers 
  • Available with DoorMonitoring function, i. e. safety-relevant information is forwarded to a central control station, for example.