LSM update package – can be used for Version 3.4.0 and higher!
The Locking System Management software has been improved regarding stability and operational reliability. A few bug fixes have also been added.

Please note:

You must always carry out LSM installations while logged on as an administrator with administrator rights.
Read through the update instructions first.

Service Pack 1 download (Version 3.4.01630) to update LSM 3.4:

Please contact SimonsVoss Support (tel. +49 [0]89 992 28 333 or for the update to the LSM Business and LSM Professional editions.

The most important improvements at a glance:

  • Enhanced performance

    • Display errors for time-controlled changes to authorisations
    • Incorrect default values for expiry date on G1 transponders
    • Error message if two leave periods are created and programmed without an intermediate day
    • Name missing for transponders without authorisations in "Transponder issue with  authorisations" report
    • Cards Template 2500L_AV physical access list cannot be selected
    • Bug fixes for displayed programming requirement
      – Incorrect programming requirement after Disable + reset transponder
      – Delete programming requirement after transponder (VN system)
      – Incorrect programming requirement in LSM Mobile for G2 hybrid cylinders
    • Different translation errors eliminated