The Locking System Management software has been improved and enhanced with new functions. Release LSM 3.3 (Version 3.3.01115) is now available.

The key improvements at a glance:

  • Support of new compponents:
    SmartHandle Door Monitoring (SMARTHANDLE.DM)
    SmartHandle – Hybrid
  • Simple event management already in LSM 3.3 Basic Online:
    With the simple event management solution, door monitoring events (door opened / door closed, etc.) can be written into a text file (.txt) by the locking cylinder.DM or SmartHandle.DM. This makes it possible to provide various status messages per door to a third-party provider e.g. for visualization software. This third-party provider may then make use of the status messages for their purposes.
  • Locking device battery warnings transmitted to transponders. They can either be exported or transferred in VN or while programming the transponder with the programming device (for new setups).
  • Design-optimized user interface:
    Various settings that have been saved in the ini file are now saved in the database. This allows all users to upload their GUI settings onto any computer.
  • Quicker loading of the "view" by means of database optimization
  • Export of matrix view to a CSV file
  • New GUI language: Russian

If you have signed a software service agreement, we will be sending you LSM 3.3 automatically over the next few weeks.

If you have not signed a software service agreement, you can acquire LSM 3.3 from a SimonsVoss dealer.