Greater security in industry thanks to digital locking technology!

Security requirements are constantly increasing in industry – be it the automotive sector, mechanical and plant engineering, metal construction, the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry or the food and beverage sector. There is also noticeable cost pressure in industry, which presents a growing challenge for many companies.

These concerns are also reflected in access control as no compromises should be made when it comes to security. 

Digital access control helps in this respect as a digital locking system such as System 3060 guarantees maximum security and the capacity to give a flexible response to changes and events. And all this with low running costs.

We will show you how smart access control can help with lost keys.

The all-inclusive solution for your industrial enterprise: System 3060

The requirements:

  • Gradual digitisation, integration of production and technology
  • Respond to growing security requirements with the right locking solution
  • Flexible handling of different requirements with different access rights

As you can see, a great deal of activity needs to be managed here with other aspects like flexible working time models, external service staff such as cleaning staff and much more also requiring attention. It's not only doors which require authorisations. Other access points are also relevant – from the company entrance barrier through to access to sensitive data. This creates highly complex activity that needs to be managed in terms of both space and time. Manual locking systems reach their limits in this respect.

Our solution

System 3060 – meets all requirements for modern access control

  • Automated documentation of access control
  • Increased hygiene standards thanks to contactless technology
  • Automated processes and event logging for perfect quality assurance
  • Mapping of restricted access areas, such as IT rooms, research departments, and similar, ensures active security
  • Knowing the system exists serves as a deterrent, thus adding passive security
  • Low costs are ensured thanks to sustainability, durability, minimal power consumption, upward and downward compatibility, connection to third-party systems and more


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Access control of the future
intelligent access control for industrial enterprises

Possible uses in industry at a glance


  • Granting access authorisations at the click of a mouse
  • Open barriers for employees, visitors and external staff
  • Option of integrating ticket systems

Protection against burglary

  • Important rooms are securely locked at all times
  • No high costs or security problems in the event of theft or loss of a key
  • Identification media can be blocked immediately in the event of loss

Facility Management​​​​​​

  • All System 3060 components can be controlled centrally via software
  • Across multiple buildings and locations
  • Assistance and less work for facility management

Safety cabinets​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Protection against unauthorised opening
  • Securing of drawers, office cabinets and hinged door cupboards
  • Logging of locking transactions

Door with door monitoring

  • Restricted access rooms with cable-free online door monitoring
  • Door statuses are recorded and logged by a sensor: open, closed, locked, open too long
  • Security personnel alerted in the case of critical events

Networking: online or virtual

  • Online network:
    Access rights and functions can be changed in real time from anywhere at any time
  • Virtual network:
    access rights are forwarded to identification media via gateways on site

Entrance hall with protective function​​​​​​

  • Protection functions can be enabled centrally (e.g. emergency release, gunman attack function)
  • Activate doors directly in the event of a fire alarm or emergency (panic situation)
  • Instant deactivation of all locking devices

Main and side entrances

  • Programmable from anywhere in the world
  • Main entrances can be automatically opened at any time
  • Individual access rights using an ID credential, even outside opening hours

Lifts, vehicles and equipment

  • Granting of individual authorisations to start up vehicles
  • Individual access authorisations in lifts
  • Use of technical equipment can be specified

No more worry about lost keys

  • A replacement transponder is created if lost
  • The employee can use it immediately
  • The lost transponder is automatically blocked as soon as the replacement transponder is used

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  • What advantages does a digital system give you over conventional mechanical systems?
  • What specific requirements does industry have for digital access control?
  • How will an electronic locking system benefit your company?
  • What do you need to bear in mind when setting up and implementing a system in your company?

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The future of access control – System 3060 in industry

Are you looking for a system where you no longer need to worry about lost keys and huge bunches of keys? Would you like a system that allows your employees to access their work areas with a single locking medium, but which can also open the warehouse and recreation areas while cleaning staff are only permitted to enter your premises at certain times? 

A digital locking system such as the SimonsVoss System 3060 can provide a convenient solution to what mechanical locking systems are barely able to offer. 

Such a system offers much more than merely opening and closing doors. A smart access system gives you an intelligent, flexible approach to handling gates, barriers, floor access authorisations in lifts and even approval to start up vehicles such as forklifts.

The all-inclusive solution for a wide variety of industries.

Access control is always a complex, time-consuming concern, especially in industrial enterprises. The larger a company is, the more complicated things become. If a key is lost, replacements are expensive, if you depend on a mechanical locking system, that is. With a digital access control system, however, locking media can be easily blocked and security immediately restored in the event of key loss. There is no need to replace keys and locks and no need to interrupt day-to-day activity. Digital locking technology is an investment from which industrial enterprises can only benefit in other respects too.

Automotive industry

There is a great deal of coming and going in the automotive sector and not only in the literal sense of the word. Automotive companies contain a wide variety of departments – from planning and design through to production and quality assurance. In each department, locking authorisations must be optimally matched to duties to ensure that planning documents, for example, are subject to maximum confidentiality while access to the right parts is guaranteed in production at all times. The use of digital locking technology is recommended so that a quick response can be made in cases of doubt.

Metal construction and mechanical and plant engineering

Access control requirements are just as complex as machines and systems. There is a need to ensure that every employee has access to the rooms they require at all times and can work there as specified in their authorisations. Digital access control can be used to regulate additional authorisations in this respect: for example, even machines can be equipped so that only those who have a suitable digital access medium can start them up. This is just one of the many advantages of using a SimonsVoss locking system.

Chemical industry

When we think of the chemistry industry, explosive materials and well-secured research laboratories immediately come to mind. It is thus clearly evident that the chemical industry is one sector where a greater need for security is essential. Access to research materials should thus be restricted to a limited group of users and access control must ensure that locking media can be blocked immediately in the event of loss. In security sections such as those found in the chemical industry, in addition to issuing access authorisations, it is also important that accesses can be logged and are immediately recorded if unauthorised access attempts are made . A system like System 3060 makes all this possible.

Pharmaceutical industry

Compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines is an important pillar in pharmaceutical quality management. Digital locking technology can make an important contribution to complying with these guidelines by ensuring that only appropriately trained personnel have access to relevant areas. Certain equipment needs to be unlocked first before use and only a few, rigorously selected persons can enter restricted access areas. A flexible response can be given in the event of anomalies with locking devices operated via software if necessary.

Food and luxury food industry

The food and beverage industry is another very sensitive sector where locking technology plays an important role. What damage will be caused if a spoilt batch of perishable food reaches the market, for example? Among other things, monitoring systems must ensure that cold stores are always closed and that the strict HACCP guidelines are met in production. In addition to allocating access authorisations exactly as required, a digital access control system can also help by reporting when a door is open for an unusually long time. This is a very important consideration for cold stores, for example.

Keys are a thing of the past. Discover the KEYLESS WORLD of SimonsVoss.

Would you like more information about the use of a digital access control system in your industrial enterprise? You can find out a great deal about this topic in our white paper "Access control systems in industry". You can also use our checklist to plan a specific locking system.

Incidentally, locking systems such as System 3060 have a modular structure, which enables you to upgrade your system gradually. This allows you to do things at your own pace and decide when and how you want to adapt access control. We’ll be happy to explain to you in a personal consultation what you need to bear in mind and how best to proceed.

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