The high-performance stimulator.

There are many installation locations and areas where a cylinder is not much use, such as cupboards, roll-up doors or electric strikes. These also include equipment which is switched on such as lifts, machines and lighting or when data needs to be transmitted in a virtual network. Digital SmartRelays come to the rescue in such cases.

The digital SmartRelay – the switch and control panels.

SmartRelay 2

SmartRelay 2 is small and compact. Yet it's not able to do as much as its big brother, "SmartRelay 3 Advanced"  As you would expect, it handles standard functions such as opening a cupboard or a roll-up door. It is particularly suitable for confined installation spaces or if you wish to operate third-party system such as a time-and-attendance terminal with a transponder. The SmartRelay 3 is better at handling virtual networks or lift controls. 

SmartRelay 3 Advanced

SmartRelay 3 Advanced is the all-rounder. It can be operated with transponders or smart cards or using both in a hybrid system. It easily handles standard functions – it opens electric doors and controls machines and lighting. It can also use virtual networks, so it can also serve as a gateway on a main entrance door and updates transponders and smart cards when they open doors. It also knows who may have access to particular floors in a lift and controls authorisations for mail boxes. Since it has direct access to the database, even large data volumes are transmitted and updated immediately.