Digital Cylinder AX –
High quality, durable, future proof 

The Digital Cylinder AX is the most powerful cylinder we have ever created. It is also the most user-friendly: An ergonomic yet compact thumb-turn with optical and audible signals makes operation easier. We have also given priority to high-quality materials. This ensures that the AX Cylinder is robust and durable with very low operating costs at all times. 

The AX Digital Cylinder represents state-of-the-art technology today. Yet it also contains the future. This is because it is equipped ready for technological advances and has the technical potential for future innovations.

The most powerful cylinder we have ever created.

Double thumb-turn cylinder AX Comfort

The inner side of the cylinder is permanently engaged for use. 
This means that doors can be opened from this particular side without a transponder/SmartCard. 
Is often used in office, apartment entrance or building entrance doors.

Double thumb-turn cylinder AX freely rotating

The cylinder which freely rotates on both sides is suitable for connecting doors or garden gates, for example. A transponder or smart card is required to open and lock the door on both sides.

Double thumb-turn cylinder AX ant-panic

Anti-panic cylinders are required for use in anti-panic locks, such as those used on escape and rescue routes. They are freely rotating on both sides, so that the lock can be locked and released from both sides using an authorised transponder or smart card. In a panic situation, however, the door can be opened without an ID medium using the anti-panic lock function. Anti-panic cylinders may only be fitted into locks for which they are approved.

Half cylinder AX

Half cylinders are suitable for doors which are only accessed from one side or which can only be locked from one side.