6 Reasons Why Your Building or Facility Should Switch to Keyless Access Control 


In a world where convenience and accessibility are crucial - keyless access control is essential. If you own or manage a building or property that still uses traditional locking systems, a keyless access control system can offer a more efficient and secure solution. Look at the reasons why keyless access control can benefit the safety of your buildings and the people who use them.

Access Control vs Keyless Locking systems 

SimonsVoss uses an intelligent electronic locking system, which is superior to an access control system. With an access control system, you can restrict access to areas, but it does not secure or provide extra protection as a keyless locking system does. From a security standpoint it provides a higher level of security because it uses the existing lock case in the door and not mag locks bolted onto the door.

Save on Costs

As the cost of living constantly increases, property owners and building managers are doing their best to cut operational costs. However, that doesn’t mean that you are obliged to compromise on safety and security. A keyless entry system from SimonsVoss might just help you achieve this goal. How can a keyless access system help you reduce costs? 

Electricity + power consumption 

The FSB has reported alarming statistics that between February 2021 and August 2022, electricity bills have risen by 349%. Businesses that are not doing what they can to reduce their electricity costs might not be able to survive the increase. 

How can businesses remain safe but still reduce costs? While its of course possible to turn power off, normal access control systems will fail. 

SimonsVoss places emphasis on sustainability and power consumption. Power supply issues are often overlooked when it comes to security systems, even though addressing them can reduce liability and system failures while also increasing efficiency.  

Buildings and facilities that use hardwired security systems will face a massive increase in costs to keep their systems up and running. A hardwired access control system, that delivers 2amp per door might ordinarily cost you £1.50 per door, per day – costs increases is seeing this figure rise to around £4 to £5 per door, per day. 

An automatic door and magnetic lock constantly consume electricity, even when it is closed, it uses standby power. Magnetic locks use 0.142 kWh to operate for 24 hours, meaning it can cost up to £2.50 per day to power just one door in your building. This might not seem like a lot until you start realising how many doors need to be powered by electricity. 

A keyless access system from SimonsVoss can bring you tremendous savings as these systems are not hardwired but are battery operated. Batteries last up to 12 years on stand-by, or up to 100,000 operations. Perhaps most importantly, will continue to run even if there is a power cut or failure removing the risk of vulnerability.  

Reduce risk

Risk is defined as ‘the chance of something happening that will have a negative effect’. In short, an event that will adversely affect the business and its objectives and can be calculated using a likelihood x severity formula. 

Multiple copies of keys being made and given to multiple people naturally increases risk, but with many businesses – this is standard practice. 

There are many ways in which your property is put at risk when multiple people own copies of keys. Traditional keys can be easily lost or stolen, leaving them vulnerable to copies being made. 

As technology and capability advances, the security of traditional keys is further compromised – keys can even be copied from a photograph. 

Employees might leave the company or tenants might leave properties, not returning their keys, putting the security of the building at risk. This not only causes a massive vulnerability but having to replace keys and change locks each time is expensive. 

Recently we came across an instance at a company, where an engineer had left 5 master keys to different sites inside of his van. Unfortunately, his van had been broken into and all 5 keys had been stolen. This compromised the safety of the properties and the people that work there. The company was responsible for replacing the locks and keys at every site, which was a very costly affair. 

Situations like this can easily be avoided with keyless locking systems from SimonsVoss. Keyless access systems can eliminate all the hassles and costs associated with the loss and replacement of keys. These systems can easily be managed from one central system, adding, or removing access to buildings and doors as needed. The system even has time-sensitive functionality features that let you specify times that third-party contractors or employees can access the buildings. So, you have ultimate control of the building access at any time.

Increase safety

The safety of premises and the people who use them is the priority of any building owner or facilities manager. People should be protected when they are inside, by controlling who can gain entry, but in certain situations, the ability to exit the building in case of an emergency is important. 

With basic access control systems, the doors have handles on either side and readers for you to present your identification device to gain access. There is usually a magnetic lock that will release to grant you access and when you exit the building, you will use a button to unlock the door.  In the event of a fire, the magnetic lock releases automatically so that you do not have to touch the handle to exit, for safety reasons. This mechanism is good for safety and allows people to exit, but the doors will stay unlocked until the system is completely reset, which leaves the building vulnerable to nefarious activities.

Criminals have also been known to set off fire alarms to gain entry to buildings because they are aware of how the systems unlock and how long it takes for the systems to be reset.   

Along with people being able to leave the building easily in the event of danger, the fire brigade requires unhindered access to all doors to be able to freely advance to the source of danger. To meet these requirements, a conventional (mechanical) locking system is not sufficient. SimonsVoss presents the solution in the form of an intelligent digital locking system. 

SimonsVoss digital locking systems not only guarantee optimum security of your building against unauthorised access, but the intelligent locking systems harmonise perfectly with escape route components which include specially designed anti-panic cylinders for use in anti-panic locks used in escape and rescue routes. 

Panic locks and handles use special mechanisms so people and emergency services can pass in emergencies. If there is no panic situation, the lock is locked or unlocked by the freely rotating panic cylinder. The lock can be opened or closed conveniently using an authorised access medium such as a transponder or smart card. As soon as a dangerous situation arises, the digital online locking system opens all doors in seconds so that they can be passed through without an access medium. 

Some buildings such as mental facilities or schools might require instant lockdown functionality in case of emergencies. The digital locking system from SimonsVoss offers an override function that can be activated in response to an emergency, ensuring that staff are always able to gain access to their patients or students, ensuring that the necessary doors are locked, protecting patients, and students always.  

Reduce vulnerability in door hardware

Not all door hardware equipment is equal. SimonsVoss has proven that their hardware quality is far superior and more complex, giving you peace of mind that your assets are always protected.

Magnetic locks are the most common, but they also have the most vulnerabilities and therefore are the easiest to bypass.  

Magnetic locks are used in most doors even though they are not the best option. The problem with magnetic locks is that because they are placed at the top of the door this leaves the bottom vulnerable to being forced open. If locks are placed in the middle of the door, they are far more secure. Magnetic locks could even be placed at the top and bottom of the door, but this will incur more costs. 

See why we say that all door hardware is not equal?

Just because a lock is popular, does not mean that it is most secure. SimonsVoss has designed and developed a handle that provides added security to ensure that access is controlled on your premises. 

The engineers at SimonsVoss need to be heavily trained to understand the unique system that their handles are developed around. Not only is the intelligence held at the handle, but the handle is central, making it far less easy to compromise. The SmartHandle digital door handle is based on your unique needs and sets new standards in the process. SimonsVoss introduces a new level of intelligence, security, and convenience to doors with SmartHandle AX thanks to a modular structure, a wealth of variants, and innovative communication interfaces such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). 

The handle lets you maintain the level of security of a mechanical lock but with an electronic mechanism. This means it is a far more secure option because it focuses on enhancing the use of the most secure part of the door - the lock.    

 With access control, you are controlling innocent or even authorised people that need to get in. SimonsVoss technology enables you to secure the door far better, while granting access to the right people.  

Instead of using a key to access the door, you have an electronic medium that can identify you and grant you access. Identification media varies from transponders, SmartCards, SmartTags and even PinCode keypads. 


Sustainability is at the top of everyone’s minds. Not only does a sustainable approach improve operational efficiency and reduce costs but it can lead to a 60% boost in operational profits.  

SimonsVoss has made a conscious effort to design and develop with sustainability in mind. Their state-of-the-art systems are battery-powered, which means they use less electricity and in turn lower your carbon footprint, allowing you to maintain your green credentials. And what is more, you will no longer need to use the services of a locksmith if anything goes wrong, reducing your carbon footprint and operational costs. 

Focusing on sustainability within your business has many benefits. According to Gartner Research, 85% of businesses consider ESG factors when making decisions about which businesses to invest with.  

As more people are becoming more invested in sustainable practices, a business that focuses on sustainability can attract and retain top talent. There has been a trend of millennials taking jobs because of a company’s sustainability credentials and would be prepared to take a cut in their salary to work for an environmentally responsible company. This also has a positive impact on your business reputation. Switching to using sustainable locking technology from SimonsVoss might seem small but it can have big effects on your business overall. 

Easy installation

Knowing all the benefits of a keyless access control system is all good and well, but what is the process of having it installed? In some cases, retroactively installing a new locking system can cause chaos. Contractors might make a mess and disrupt the workspace while installation is done. When installing a system from SimonsVoss, this will not be the case. SimonsVoss will plan a schedule to ensure that installation is done as soon as possible with the least disruption possible.

Another advantage of the keyless access control system is that it can easily be fitted to any kind of door and retroactively installed, without drilling holes and making a big mess. Keyless entry does not require significant additional equipment, only an additional attachment that is fitted to your door. The system can also operate on your existing devices, simplifying the transition process. So, installation is easy and fuss free, giving you state-of-the-art technology in no time.


SimonsVoss offers a highly experienced team with an in-depth understanding of innovative technology in the field. Contact our experts to receive a customised keyless access control solution to provide you with added security and peace of mind. 

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