Simply press.

No key, no turning the thumb turn - just press the transponder button or hold the SmartCard in front of the door fitting. Then all you have to do is press the handle and you can open the door. If you're authorized. 

SmartHandle comes in as many variants as there are wishes. 

The SmartHandle with "SnapIn mounting" is the key invention: A door fitting that is attached to the door without wiring or drilling. So without dirt and any damage to the door and frame. 

Conventional mounting

Version of the SmartHandle for conventional mounting of the fitting with screws. It is used e. g. for particularly heavy doors.

Conventional mounting with MO

Version of the SmartHandle for conventional mounting of the fitting with screws and the possibility to install an additional mechanical cylinder. It is used, for example, for particularly heavy doors or when an additional mechanical cylinder is required for closing.

With the SmartHandle with DoorMonitoring function, three integrated sensors continuously check the door status. Security-relevant information such as door open or door closed and deadbolts extended or not are transmitted to the control centre. Even exceeded time limits on an open door or a forced break-in are detected and reported.

More information and details

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System 3060 | Mood
System 3060 | Mood
System 3060 | Mood
System 3060 | Schließkomponenten | Digitales SmartHandle

Advantages of the digital Smart Handle

  • Simple SnapIn mounting with a single screw
  • Wide range of variants and accessories, e. g. different mounting types, various handles and covers
  • Can be operated with transponder and SmartCard
  • Available with DoorMonitoring function, i.e. security-relevant information is forwarded to a central control station, for example.
  • Can be networked without wiring

Technical specifications of digital Smart Handle

  • Country variants: Euro Profile, Swiss Round
  • Dimensions for snap-in and conventional installation:
    Euro Profile | Swiss Round
    - narrow: 41x224x14 mm (WxHxD)
    - wide: 53x224x14 mm (WxHxD)  
  • Door dimension specifications:
    - Door thickness: 39 - 100 mm
    - Centres distance: 70 - 94 mm
    - Spindle: 7 | 8 | 8,5 | 9 | 10
  • Read systems: active transponder technology, passive (MIFARE® Classic and DESFire®), hybrid (active and passiv)
  • Operation types: online, virtual network and offline (can be combined)
  • Battery type: 2 x CR2450 3V Lithium
  • Battery life:
    Active: up to 150.000 lock operations or up to 10 years on stand-by
    Passive: up to 65.000 lock operations or up to 6 years on stand-by.
  • Temperature range (operational): -20°C to +50°C
  • Signal: audible (buzzer)
  • Loggable access events: up to 3.000
  • Time zone groups: 100+1
  • Number of media which can be managed per SmartHandle AX: 64.000
  • Network-ready with integrated Locknode (can be retrofit)
  • Firmware upgradable