How do you tell the transponders and cylinders?

First, access authorizations are created on the PC in the locking plan. From there, this information must then be transmitted to the transponders and locking cylinders. This task is performed by the so-called programming device. Only in large systems that are operated online, the programming device is merely required for initial programming of the components. The data is then sent "online" via the network.

Programming of ID media and digital locking components.

Programming device SmartCD2

For programming and reading out active locking components. 
In the latest version (SmartCD2.G2) with Bluetooth 5.0 standard for connecting with smartphones/tablets. 

Programming Device SmartCD MP

To program components in the 
passive SmartCard systems, the SmartCD-MP is required.

Programming device SmartCD HF

In hybrid systems, i. e. when transponders and SmartCards are used simultaneously
in one system, the Smart CD is needed to program the active components and the  SmartCD-HF to program the MIFARE® DESFire® and MIFARE® Classic SmartCards/SmartTags.

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System 3060 | Mood
System 3060 | Mood
System 3060 | Mood
System 3060 | Programmierung | Programmiergerät SmartCD

Advantages of the SmartCD2 programming device

  • Simple and secure transfer of access rights from the PC to identification media and locking components