The first locker lock in SimonsVoss quality

SmartLocker AX is now the first SimonsVoss system for cabinets and lockers. Highly flexible, SmartLocker AX fits onto locker or cabinet doors without any drilling, whether it is used in hospitals, manufacturing environments in industry or simply on lockers in gyms, schools or swimming pools.

SmartLocker AX is the SimonsVoss among locker locks. 

SmartLocker AX – SmartIntego

SmartLocker AX is the new SimonsVoss system for cabinets and lockers. Quick and easy to install, it is flexible, low-maintenance, and technologically advanced. Visual and audible feedback signals make it simple and secure to use.

System 3060 | SmartLocker
System 3060 | SmartLocker
System 3060 | Mood
System 3060 | Schließkomponenten | SmartLocker AX

Advantages of  SmartLocker AX – SmartIntego

  • Fully customisable: the platform offers the right variant for every cabinet door
  • Quick-click assembly: our Quick-Click system makes installation easy and avoids additional fixing holes.
  • Bolt inserts: quick and convenient adjustment. The enclosed bolt inserts enable the lock to be optimally positioned in the locker door.
  • No more deadbolt blocking: the pre-tensioned bolt spring prevents the bolt from jamming if the locker is too full and objects are pressing against the locker door on the inside.
  • High-quality, timeless SimonsVoss-style design.
  • Emergency power supply via USB: if the batteries should actually be flat, SmartLocker can simply be powered and opened via a USB port as a back-up power supply.
  • Visual and audible feedback signals: a visual and an audible signal indicate when the lock is opened or closed (can be optionally switched off))
  • Anti-tamper contact on the cover: any tampering attempts can be displayed in the LSM software
  • Durable: up to 50,000 openings without changing the battery