Unbelievably smart cylinders.

The MobileKey digital double thumb-turn cylinder is suitable for both interiors and exteriors. It features an "Access control" function for time schedules and can log access events. It is powered by a button cell, which is able to open and lock doors up to 300,000 times. There are door cylinders with integrated networking to upgrade the locking system to an online solution.

  The MobileKey digital locking cylinder can do almost anything.


The standard cylinder for a wide variety of applications: Suitable for interior doors on corridors or garden gates since a transponder is always needed to open the door from either side. Access control functions already included.

Cylinder button control

Cylinder which freely rotates on both sides and can be opened on the inside without a transponder using a button on the thumb-turn. 

Cylinder anti-panic

The anti-panic cylinder has been specially developed for use in anti-panic locks such as those along escape and rescue routes. It is freely rotating on both sides, so that the lock can be locked and released from both sides using an authorised transponder. In a panic situation, however, the door can be opened without a transponder using the anti-panic lock function. It may only be fitted into locks for which it is approved.

Cylinder Comfort

One side of the cylinder is permanently engaged for use. This means that doors can be opened from this particular side – normally the inner side – without a transponder. Is often used in office, apartment entrance or building entrance doors.

Cylinder DoorMonitoring

Our premium cylinder: Besides an access control function, it also provides a compact door monitoring system. Information on door statuses such as door open or closed and attempted break-ins and tampering are recorded using different sensors with one located in the intelligent fastening screw.
Suitable for doors which require extra surveillance, such as main entrance doors and entrances to laboratories or server rooms.

Half cylinder

Half cylinder for use in garage doors, cupboards and similar. 

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MobileKey | Mood
MobileKey | Mood
MobileKey | Schließkomponenten | Digitale Schließzylinder
MobileKey | Mood

Advantages of the digital locking cylinder

  • Easy cable-free installation without drilling and dirt
  • Operable with transponder, PIN code keypad and smartphone 
  • Freely programmable, online-capable
  • Automatic logging of up to 500 accesses
  • Time zone control
  • Long battery life with up to 300,000 operations
  • Integrated door monitoring with DoorMonitoring
  • Available in various variants, e. g. weatherproof, for anti-panic doors, as half cylinder
  • 3-stage warning system in case of decreasing battery performance
  • Nice design with small thumb-turns