Forget about keys.

Radio transponders replace your mechanical keys: battery-powered transponders and PIN code keypads authorise accredited users according to rules that you determine on an individual basis.

Digital remote key 

You can also use your iOS or Android smartphone to open doors. Time-limited access codes can be sent to any smartphone with Key4Friends. The recipient simply needs to download the right app (Android/iOS), register and then has access to your home. Electronic invitations are valid for up to six months.

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MobileKey | Mood
MobileKey | Mood
MobileKey | Identifikationsmedien | Smartphone
MobileKey | Mood

Advantages of the remote key

  • Freely programmable
  • Lockable at the click of a mouse, e. g. in case of loss or theft
  • Transponders can be used in up to four independent locking systems
  • The different "remote keys" can be combined in one system