Complicated is
no longer in vogue.

Locking and unlocking car doors with electronic remote keys has long been standard practice. SimonsVoss takes this idea one step further. More than 20,000 users have already opted for a keyless solution. This is how it works:  Use MobileKey to replace your mechanical key with a digital transponder, a PIN code keypad or your smartphone. Install electronic door cylinders instead of mechanical ones. You can fit them easily yourself in minutes. No drilling or wiring is necessary. Just configure the system with the free web app and your new locking system is then ready to use.

Set up and manage the locking system with an app.

USB programming device

The programming device allows you to transfer data to your transponders and locking components. 

MobileKey | Mood
MobileKey | Mood
MobileKey | Programmierung | USB-Programmiergerät
MobileKey | Mood

Advantages of the USB programming device

  • For up to 20 doors and 100 usersIntuitive operation
  • Intuitive operation
  • No time-consuming backups are necessary
  • For all Internet-capable end devices such as PCs, notebooks, netbooks or tablets with Windows, iOS or Android operating system
  • Network-capable via online expansion